On the road With limitless opportunities the EICC is the place to host your roadshow.

Staging a roadshow is a real opportunity for an organisation to endorse a particular project whether a brand refresh, a product showcase or a strategy revamp. Executed well, roadshows have a very positive impact on audiences and are an effective way to communicate key messages to target groups across different locations, be it on a national or international level.

"We've hosted fashion shows, set-up a train carriage, launched new brands, and that's just a snapshot of some of the roadshows that the EICC has welcomed through its doors recently," explains Marc Elvin, Sales and Business Development at EICC. "Our space is so flexible that we can do almost anything our clients have in mind."

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The EICC isn't new to hosting roadshows, but the recent expansion has created a space with even more flexibility, increasing the options available to prospective clients. "We have always hosted roadshows, but now we can capitalise on what our new facilities have to offer," says Ekaterina Alison, Sales and Business Development at EICC. "For example, the Lennox Suite, with its moving-floor-technology, recently allowed one of our retail clients to host a series of fashion shows as part of their national roadshow. That level of flexibility holds great appeal. We want our clients to feel inspired and to use their imagination to really push the boundaries of what they would like to do in this space."

Now with two spacious exhibition areas, the EICC can really elevate a roadshow to its full potential. "Accessibility is key at these events," Marc adds: "On the production side we have so much space for our clients to make the most of. Our rooms are huge and the loading access leaves a great deal of space for our clients to get very large installations in and out without any challenges – we've hung cars from the ceiling in the Lennox Suite and even installed a train carriage in the Cromdale Hall. The scale of the EICC is a real bonus for clients."

Roadshows tend to be focused on very specific campaign elements and so branding is crucial to drive home the key messages. The EICC knows how important this aspect is and can offer its clients endless solutions to make sure their brands achieve the highest reach "We have a blank canvas here and our clients can make the most of that," Ekaterina says. "Our lighting can cater to their specific colour schemes and we can use the media wall to create atmospheric graphic displays using their brand identity – whatever message they want to communicate, we can achieve it." Marc adds that in terms of return on investment, making use of the EICC's production capabilities and expertise has the potential to deliver real results: "There aren't any extra costs associated with changing our lighting schemes to reflect a client's brand colours, so you can have a huge impact on a small budget. With the current financial climate organisations are, of course, keen to make their investment go as far as possible, so having these options helps to deliver better value for our clients."

It's not just the EICC's size and facilities that attract clients. Its central location in a thriving city is a major pull. "Edinburgh is a very compact city centre, which really appeals," Ekaterina says. "Within a 10-minute walk you can visit Edinburgh Castle, go to the Scotch Whisky Experience and take in the Royal Mile, all within one of Edinburgh's two UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Very few cities offer the dramatic backdrop that Edinburgh does."

"Since there are no limits, clients can determine exactly the kind of roadshow experience they would like to create."

"Aside from Edinburgh being a major tourist destination, where the EICC is based is ideal from a transport perspective," Marc says. “We are moments from the revamped Haymarket Station, Edinburgh Waverley train station is very well connected and Edinburgh airport is only six miles away. We're also excited about the completion of the trams project, which is part of a major city-wide investment into improving the transport infrastructure across Edinburgh."

Since there are no limits, clients can determine exactly the kind of roadshow experience they would like to create. "There are no pre-requisites," Marc explains. "We can deliver any solution which our clients feel will best communicate their key messages."

The space at the EICC combined with the expertise of the team means that every event that takes place at the venue is genuinely world-class. "Our team members really complement each other," says Marc. "There is a good mix of skill sets across the company. This means that good practice, expertise and fresh ideas are constantly intermingling to create the best possible events for our clients."

If you would like to find out more about hosting your roadshow at the EICC, please get in touch with a member of our sales team on 0131 300 3000.